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Botox is one of the top cosmetic treatments in the country. This FDA-approved treatment had numerous medical studies done with excellent results, based on AAFPS statistics published in 2012. We listen to our patients! They tell us that several factors are important to them when considering a Botox treatment including - safety, efficacy of treatment, comfort (especially if you are a first timer or are scared of needles) and cost.  

  • Zero downtime and Zero bruising; many of our patients who have been treated elsewhere in the past compliment us on how they felt little or no pain during their treatments with us. 
  • Your appointment is never rushed; we give ample time for numbing cream to set in and finest technique for minimal pain.
  • Safety; we are provide Botox treatment in a medical office by a physician. We offer only genuine Botox from Allergan, no imported or generic products are ever used at Orchid. Dr. Mungekar is a Botox provider physician listed on Botox website.
  • Value; You will find our affordable botox prices fair for physician-administered Botox. In addition, further savings are available through Brilliant Distinctions Reward program for taking only the genuine Botox. These savings can be used for future Botox and Juvederm injectable treatments.

Safety : In California, Botox can only be administered under physician supervision keeping patient safety in mind by a licensed medical professional. If you are visiting a salon or a hotel for "Botox Party", ensure a physician is present or responsible for your treatment. To protect consumer Governor Jerry Brown signed a Law AB 1548 in July 2012 to Crackdown on illegal practice of Medicine. In this article a physician quotes that " Either the physician does not have appropriate ownership of Medical Spa or is no where to be found." If the Medical Spa website does not list name of the physician or includes it only in passing, you have your warning signs.

Experience:  There are outfits who offer "Botox Training Certificate" after completing a weekend course. This is what "Certified in Botox" usually means.  Plastic surgeons and dermatologist go through education in facial anatomy and hands on training as a part of their requirement. Work with a physician who has been trained by a competent Botox injector.  Terms like " Platinum Injector" or " Black Diamond Injector" are awarded by Allergan, maker of Botox in USA, to practices that inject a lot (or sell a large number of their products) and does not necessarily reflect on expertise. Generally, multi-location and multi-physician practices can achieve such a recognition more quickly than a solo physician due to volume of Botox injected. 

Comfort : The level of discomfort is like a prick by an ant. By using numbing cream or ice pack the level of discomfort can be reduced. Furthermore, very fine needles are use to minimize impact. 

Cost : In San Jose Bay area various factors affecting cost of your Botox treatment are explained in our article on Botox cost. In general, Physican adminstered Botox ranges in $10-$15/unit while nurse charge for Botox is around $10-$12/unit.

  Physician Administered
$10-$15 / unit
 Nurse Administered

We hope this information is helpful. One does not need to compromise safety, skill and comfort just to get a lower cost.  It is possible to get physician injected, genuine made in USA Botox for around $10-$12/unit with additional savings from Rewards Program similar to those listed here.

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