The Botox Cost in San Jose and surrounding Bay Area depends on a number of factors including:

  1. Extent of treatment needed - number of areas addressed or quantity of product used 
  2. Who is treating you - a physician or a nurse 
  3. If the Botox Cosmetic is the genuine US-made product or imported from overseas
See more below. But first, take a look at this recent article regarding affordable Botox® solutions:

Money Magazine , July 2013 Issue -  
Botox Money Magazine Article

Cut the Price of a Pretty Face. The report says that "You don't Have to go under the knife or spend a fortune to improve your appearance." Among the four popular, spruce-up options, along with strategies for Beauty on Budget, it lists Botox®.

Cost is $370 a session in this article, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, compared with $3,370 for a forehead lift. (Prices are national averages as quoted in the article.).  The article suggests that you look for promotions from time to time to save further.  

1. Botox Pricing : By Area or Product used

Some practices charge for Botox Treatment by number of areas treated.  For example, the frown lines and the crows feet are considered two areas. Typical cost in the San Jose bay area to treat by area is around $250-$300 for treatment by a Physician.  In pricing by area we believe the consumer is not empowered as there is lack of transparency as to how much Botox is administered.

While actual units used will vary depending on your individual needs, as a general guideline:

  • Frown Lines             : 10-40 units
  • Forehead Lines        : 15-50 units
  • Crow's Feet              : 10-30 units
  • Vertical Lip Lines      : 5-10 units

It is more common these days to be charged for the amount of product used. This is defined as number of "units".  In some cases there can be a physician consultation fee or an administrative fee. Usually Botox Cosmetic treatments are not covered by medical insurance.  The average Botox cost is around $10-$14/unit is the San Jose Area. 


In an office setting, you are assured that a doctor is administering your Botox®, or a trusted and highly trained nurse with hours of training on injectables. Check that the office you are interested in is listed here. Within a doctor's office, standards of care are much more strict. A thorough health overview is taken into consideration, where you have plenty of time to ask questions and find out the best possible treatments for you. You are also assured that authentic Botox® is being used, and not an imitation product if the practice is listed at the Botox site here.. This is definitely an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a Botox® provider.

Picture of DR        
Picture of Nurse
  Physician Administered
$10-$15 / unit
 Nurse Administered

In San Jose California Medical Spas are quite popular. According to California Medical Board, if they are offering medical procedures, they must be owned by physicians. The use of the term "medical spa" is for advertising purposes to make the procedures seem more appealing. In reality, however, it is the practice of medicine. Please ensure that you are getting your Botox treatment by a doctor in a qualified medical facility.

3. Cheap Botox is not always good Botox:

Some medical spas and physicians get approached by overseas pharmacies offering cheap "Botox". Several practices in San Francisco Bay Area including Fremont, Santa Cruz and San Jose were on the list of offices notified for buying non-authentic fillers thought to be botox.  Authentic Botox® comes only from Allergan in USA. 

ARTICLE:  San Jose Mercury News - 12/24/2012
"Federal regulators have warned more than 350 medical practices that Botox they may have received from a Canadian supplier is unapproved and could be counterfeit or unsafe. The Food and Drug Administration said in a letter sent last month, a letter released publicly last week, that batches of the wrinkle treatment shipped by suppliers owned by pharmacy Canada Drugs have not been approved by the FDA and that the agency cannot assure their effectiveness or their safety..." Read more...

What is Botox? Non-surgical option to minimize wrinkles serving San Jose, Los Gatos, and Santa Cruz.

 One way to ensure that your Botox® provider is providing you genuine Botox® is to check the website of Botox Manufacturer (Allergan) in the USA.  Also confirm that the physician offers the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards, a rewards program specifically from the makers of Botox.

Look Great ! Avoid Fake ! Ensure you are getting genuine Botox, by:
1. Checking if your Doctor is listed here.
2. Get Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Points - which are only available for Genuine US Botox

When it comes to your face and skin, quality and care must be given to how the treatment is done and not just the cost. We are here to keep you satisfied with your results from start to finish. You are our walking billboard, and we want you to share the good news of the fabulous new you with your friends and family! See our referral program.

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