September 11, 2013

Botox FDA approved for Crow's Feet 

10 Year Anniversary of Botox FDA Approval (for Glabeller Lines)

Articles in Press : Vanity Fair
Over 11 million proocedures since 2002!

The Associated Press - 12/24/2012
FDA Warns Doctors of Counterfeit Botox
"Federal regulators have warned more than 350 medical practices that Botox they may have received from a Canadian supplier is unapproved and could be counterfeit or unsafe. The Food and Drug Administration said in a letter sent last month, a letter released publicly last week, that batches of the wrinkle treatment shipped by suppliers owned by pharmacy Canada Drugs have not been approved by the FDA and that the agency cannot assure their effectiveness or their safety." Read more...


TIME; Health & Family  - Mar 31, 2009


"Building on previous research that suggests facial expressions not only reflect but influence mood levels, the new study hypothesizes that Botox may lighten people's moods by literally wiping the frowns off their faces."

Read more: Wipe Away That Frown: Botox Makes You Happier - TIME 


FDA Approves Botox for Excessive Sweating of Armpits.

Botox FDA approved for Glabeller lines (or Forehead 11's)

Money Magazine , July 2013 Issue - discusses how to Cut the Price of a Pretty Face.
It states "You don't Have to go under the knife or spend a fortune to improve your appearance."

Among the four popular, spruce-up options, along with strategies for Beauty on Budget, it lists Botox.

Botox Money Magazine Article

Cost is $370 a session, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, compared with $3,370 for a forehead lift. 
(Prices are national averages as quoted in the article.).  The article suggests that you look for promotions from time to time to save further.

San Jose Area Cheap Botox Offers are not necessarily not genuine.  However Buyer Beware ..
If it sounds too good to be true - it may be a reason to know to investigate further.

Cost of Botox in a Physician Office should be around $10 - $15 per unit.

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