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Botox Offer in San Jose

This offer can be combined with $10/unit Botox in December 2013.
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Just in time for Holiday Gatherings !

A recent article in Money Magazine , July 2013 Issue - discusses how to Cut the Price of a Pretty Face.
It states "You don't Have to go under the knife or spend a fortune to improve your appearance."

Among the four popular, spruce-up options, along with strategies for Beauty on Budget, it lists Botox.

Botox Money Magazine Article

Cost is $370 a session, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, compared with $3,370 for a forehead lift. 
(Prices are national averages as quoted in the article.).  The article suggests that you look for promotions from time to time to save further.

San Jose Area Cheap Botox Offers are not necessarily not genuine.  However Buyer Beware ..
If it sounds too good to be true - it may be a reason to know to investigate further.

Cost of Botox in a Physician Office should be around $10 - $15 per unit.

What are the ways to Save? without compromising Safety?

1. Enroll in the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards 
    San Jose area Botox Consumers can save year-around by joining Brilliant Distinctions Reward program from Allergan.
    Allergan is the manufacturer of Botox in USA. The points earned can be used towards future Botox or Juvederm savings.

    You can read about this program here, and Enroll here to join the savings.
    At Orchid Medispa in Los Gatos, we help our guests to enroll , earn and redeem their Brilliant Distinctions points as a courtesy.
Best Botox in San Jose

   Select a doctor providing Brilliant Distinctions Rewards on Botox to save $$ and for peace of mind that you are getting genuine Botox.

2. Enroll in the Loyalty Programs at your Doctor's Office

Botox Savings in San Jose

Ask if your provider offers loyalty points for cosmetic treatments. These vary from provider to provider - most have a expiration,others are restrictive in terms of specifying what services can be obtained as a reward for your patronage, and then there is a also a big difference in rewards as a fraction of your spending with the provider. We have seen as low as 2% to as high as 10% in San Jose area.  A sampling of few reward programs is given below as an example.

Zip Code      Points     $ Spend     Reward Comments
 95032 180     $4500     Photofacial 
($400 value?)
Peels for lower rewards
 Orchid  95032 5 pt     $1250 +    $100 up-to 8%
5 stamps needed.
1 stamp for $250+ service
Any Product/Service
 95124 500     $500     $10 2%  
 95032    No details

3. Check with your Provider if any Botox Deals are going on
    These are usually in partnership with Allergan - maker of Botox, and their supply may be limited.
Like San Jose Area , Botox is the most popular cosmetic non-surgical procedure performed in the USA for several years in a row.  
Some Examples of Past and Present Botox Offers are:
Year 2012 :  10 Year Anniversary of FDA approval of Botox
Botox 10 Year Anniversary San Jose

During the period of this offer in 2012,  patients who take Botox regularly (usually once every three to four months) could save upto $200 off their Botox treatment in the year.

Year 2013 :  Proven Results Rebate Program

This program is available to established San Jose area patients of our practice from January to April , 2013.
You can visit our Orchid Medispa website here for further details.
4. Shop around for Genuine Botox Provider

In general the price of Botox is higher if provided in a doctor's office rather than in a mall. Furthermore, in office setting you may want to find out if the doctor is administering Botox or is it a nurse or a physician assistant. In any case you should check if the office is listed here.

Quality and Safety of Procedure, Comfort and Cost are the factors you should consider in selecting your Botox Provider.

We hope you found this article helpful. 
Look Great! Feel Great!

Cheap is not always good:

1. Botox Imported from Overseas (or even fake?)
 Ensure that your Botox Provider - even better - if the Physcian Director is listed as Botox Provider is listed here.
 Some medical spas and physicians get approached by overseas pharmacies offering cheap Botox.
 Several practices in San Francisco Bay Area including Fremont, Santa Cruz and San Jose were "caught" recently.
 Read about San Jose Mercury News Article described below. We believe this is tip of the iceberg. 

FDA warns doctors of counterfeit Botox. A few Bay Area also doctors named in FDA listSan Jose Mercury News Article Here. (12/24/2012)
Look Great ! Avoid Fake ! Ensure you are getting genuine Botox, by:
1.  Checking if your Doctor is listed here
2.  Get Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Points - which are only available for Genuine US Botox.

We noticed that the price of one of the Physician's named in the list above jumped from $8/unit to $11/unit overnight. That is basically the difference between the cost of imported Botox and genuine made in USA product.  In another case, a practice closed down overnight - but the practitioner continued the practice under different name in the same town. One way to ensure that your Botox provider is providing you genuine Botox is to check the website of Botox Manufacturer (Allergan) in USA.

2. Daily Deals 

Daily deals are tricky. Again - it is possible to get lower cost in Daily Deals.  It usually means the practitioner is not busy enough or is trying to get their name out there. It may be worthwhile to look up reviews and find out how long they have been practicing. You may look at previous daily deals on the internet and check reviews after a couple of months of the deal and draw the conclusion yourself in this regard.

In our opinion, in many cases consumers have got disappointed.