1.  Brilliant Distinctions Rewards in our San Jose area office. 

Do you like to shop and get rewarded for it ?

Have you ever heard of a rewards program for a doctor visit? Well, this is exactly what is happening with the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program that Botox Cosmetic has put together for Botox users.

Brilliant Distinctions is the Reward Program of the US maker of Botox
® to reward you for using genuine Botox® , Juvederm® , Latisse®  and Vivite®  products.  At Orchid Medical Spa, we are proud to offer only the genuine US made Allergan®  products, which help our clients to know they are getting safe products and yes, also save with Brilliant Distrinctions Reward Points.

Enrollment in Brilliant Distinctions Rewards is free and you earn points through Orchid Medical Spa. 
We can help you to enroll during your visit. If you have Brilliant Distinctions rewards in your account you can redeem them in our office for products and services as well.

Click on the image to go to Brilliant Distinctions Website.

Useful introduction to the program is here.

How can you use it?
  • Use your rewards account to track treatments online and keep tabs on your visits.
  • You can see how many points have been earned.
  • Create a coupon based on your earnings and choose which service you would like to use it towards.

Our office not only participates in Brilliant Distinctions rewards, but can help you to register and remind you of the points from time to time.

How can you get in on a great rewards program, authentic treatments in a Doctor’s office?  Call us at (408)794-9490 for your appointment at our Los Gatos office today!

What are points redeemable for?             

The points have cash value towards your future purchase of following products and services:
Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and Vivite Skincare Products.


Redeem for









note: $ value for points subject to change. please visit Brilliant Distinctions website for latest information.

How many points do I earn?

The services that you love and enjoy are even more affordable with BD rewards. Did you know Botox and Dermal Fillers were the Top 2 non-invasive procedures for 2011 according to a recent study? 

Product/ Service

Points Earned



200 pts (no bonus)


Treatment 1 & Treatment 2

Enjoy bonus points and rewards after Treatment 3

(subject to BD points terms)

200 pts 1 syringe

400 pts 2 syringe

Full syringe

100 pts per kit

Free & Trial kits do not qualify


How do I get signed up?

We can sign you up in our office during your first treatment. Or, you may choose to create an account online and add Dr. Mungekar as your physician to start collecting your points. The following video may be helpful to you.

YouTube Video

What is the value of using rewards at Orchid Med Spa ?
  • Our friendly staff will set up your rewards program during your office visit, if you so wish.
  • Your Botox treatments are performed by  a trained Medical Doctor
  • Your BD points rewards can be combined with our promotional offers.

Sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program and you can track your services with Orchid MediSpa, get reminders of upcoming appointments and begin earning points for your purchases. No, this is not your typical, frequent flyer type earnings. You could earn enough points in one visit to generate a coupon for up to $75 off your next service.

These are your rewards ! You have earned them!
Let us help you to get the most out of them.

Disclaimer: This article is written as a service to our clients as a practice participating in Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program. Brilliant Distinctions rules on Allergan Website may change.. Information accurate at the time of writing. Not responsible for any changes to the rewards program in the future.

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Dr. Mungekar

Dr. Mungekar is the Founder and Medical Director of Orchid MediSpa. She is a top rated physician in internal medicine with certifications in Botox, Dermal fillers and laser cosmetic procedures. She is Board Certified Physician and completed her residency from UC San Diego in 2006. Dr Mungekar likes to spend time with her patients to fully understand their needs and provide recommendations to help then look your best.

2.  Even more savings on Botox®; the ORCHID LOYALTY PROGRAM. 


Ask if your provider offers loyalty points for cosmetic treatments. These vary from provider to provider - most have a expiration,others are restrictive in terms of specifying what services can be obtained as a reward for your patronage, and then there is a also a big difference in rewards as a fraction of your spending with the provider. We have seen as low as 2% to as high as 10% in San Jose area.  A sampling of few reward programs is given below as an example.

Zip Code      Points     $ Spend     Reward Comments
 95032 180     $4500     Photofacial 
($400 value?)
Peels for lower rewards
 Orchid  95032 5 pt     $1250 +    $100 up-to 8%
5 stamps needed.
1 stamp for $250+ service
Any Product/Service
 95124 500     $500     $10 2%  
 95032    No details

Year 2013 :  Proven Results Rebate Program

This program is available to established San Jose area patients of our practice from January to April , 2013.
You can visit our Orchid Medispa website here for further details.