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Laser Treatments; how does it work?

BBL Technology Deciphered

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So what exactly is light therapy, BBL technology or photo rejuvenation? Is it right for you? The following information may help you.

BBL stands for Broadband Light Technology
It involves the use of varying light wavelengths to rejuvenate the skin in the literal sense of the word. Unlike the old photofacial machines of the past, these innovations in light therapy are more precise and can be customized to individual skin conditions to eliminate acne, lesions, wrinkles, or sun damage on any area of the body.  Skintyte treatments, involving a way to tighten skin around the neck, face, and abdomen have eliminated the need to go under the knife to improve the look and feel of skin.  Based on the advancement of this light therapy technology, the results are faster, better and in general more accurate. Sciton is the company that has created and patented this newest BBL technology. According to Sciton’s website, Orchid Medical & Wellness Center is one of very few places in Los Gatos with this Broadband Light machine.

How it works  
Wavelengths of two specialized lamps within the machine touch the skin, then bounce back and forth somewhat like a ricochet effect; this is known as a pulse. This pulsating light covers an area of skin that is 15 X 45 mm in size, almost instantly cooling the skin off as it works its magic. All of this in only milliseconds. The immediate cooling technique between pulses adds extra comfort for the client.

Signs BBL technology may be right for you
  • You have stubborn acne that won’t seem to go away.
  • You have acne scars from years’ past that you’d like to vanish once and for all.
  • You want to firm your neck area under the chin quickly and efficiently.
  • You have sunspots appearing on your skin and want to have flawless skin again.
  • Skin around the cheeks and lower jaw is beginning the sag.
  • You are looking for a fast & convenient way for laser hair removal.
  • You have hyperpigmentation issues due to hormone changes or sun damage.
  • You have vascular conditions such as visible blood vessels on the face or varicose veins that you would like to eliminate.
The purpose of using BBL
Broadband Light technology is great if you have acne, want permanent hair reduction, light therapy for sun damage, wrinkles, or firming of the neck and abdomen.  The light is absorbed into the top layers of skin and stimulates cells to produce more collagen, a natural function of
your cells that generally decreases with age. Depending on your skin type and needs, there are many benefits of a Broadband Light treatment.  Whether you’ve struggled with something on a frequent basis, such as acne, or have developed some changes to your features due to premature aging of the skin, there are benefits for each client.  It is an easy and convenient option to choose instead of prescriptions or creams that do not have same quick results you will see from this treatment.

Look Great! Feel Great ! We hope this article was helpful. 

Dr. Swati Mungekar MD is the medical director of Orchid Cosmetic Medical and Wellness center. This blog will feature articles written by our staff to promote skin health.

Dr Mungekar is Board Certified Physician with certification in Dermal Fillers, Botox and Laser Cosmetic Treatments.