Juvederm® Injectable 

This smooth gel filler, containing hydrating hyaluronic acid, that lasts up to a year with one treatment.  Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, and hydrates the area where injected filling it with water, giving the appearance of a smoother surface and hydrating the area. It is used as a smooth filler right underneath the dermal layer of skin to fill in moderate to severe lines and wrinkles.  The results can be outright amazing.

From the makers of Juverderm® facial filler:

"JUVÉDERM® is the first smooth consistency gel formulation and only hyaluronic acid dermal filler approved by the FDA to last up to one year from initial treatment."

This facial filler is an easy and quick non-surgery wrinkle treatment that one can do on the way home from work, during the lunch hour, or on the way to pick up the kids.

Please see the consumer labeling for Juvederm here

Pair your Juvederm treatment with Botox and the results are astounding! 

Here's a breakdown of how Botox & Juvederm each enhance facial features :


Juvederm (Filler)

Active Integredient

Botulinum Toxin A

Hyaluronic Acid

How long does the effect last

4-6 months

upto 1 year

Reduces wrinkles by

relaxing muscle

filling in wrinkles

FDA approved for

Glabeller lines

(worry lines)

Nasolabial lines

(laugh lines)

     Typical Price

$10-$15 /unit

$300-$500 per area

$450-$600 for 1ml syringe

When Juvederm is used on fine lines, wrinkles, or the ever-popular laugh lines, it fills in the area.  This eliminates shadow on the skin, making way for a supple hydrated look that can take years off one’s appearance.

A key ingredient known for its hydrating properties is hyaluronic acid. It has been in topical skincare for ages. This smart little ingredient basically tricks the skin into thinking that it needs moisture in the area it is applied (or in this case, injected gently under the top layer of skin).  The body rushes water to that area and eliminates a dehydrated, sallow, saggy skin.  The dermal filler in Juvederm, comes from the smooth gel-like substance injected, with its Hyaluronic Acid, and uses your natural body elements to hydrate and tone up the skin. As age takes its toll on our skin, we are less hydrated and need an extra boost from outside sources.  

For patients in San Jose, Botox and Juvederm treatments can target different facial lines. Many patients now take advantage of both Botox & Juvederm to look and feel years younger.  Where one fills, the other relaxes wrinkles away.



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