Skintyte for sagging skin 

skin firming options without surgery

Skin Firming:

Smile Lines

Before & After with skin firming laser rejuvenation, Skintyte. 

Tighten skin on the neck and jowls while naturally increasing collagen production and skin elasticity, with no surgery!

        Before SkinTyte                                                     After Skin Tyte

Tighter Abs with Skintyte Laser treatments. 

How does SkinTyte skin firming treatments work?

SkinTyte promotes new collagen growth, causing skin tightening, and also diminishes fine lines.

The Sciton SkinTyte System delivers infrared light, deep into the dermis, which tightens and restructures the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin leading to an increased firmness in the skin. The heat delivered by the special light causes the collagen and elastic fibers to shrink and tighten. The deeper tissues are stimulated which leads to remodeling of the collagen within the dermis. This remodeled collagen helps to fill in wrinkles and restore elasticity to sagging skin. The SkinTyte System is the most advanced tissue tightening device available on the market today.

Skintyte uses a very advanced technology; this saggy skin firming treatment is done in our medical facility.  It is a process of three to five treatments, depending on the individual and Dr. Mungekar's assessment of the sagging skin areas. 

This is a great facelift alternative that will make you appear years younger!

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