Maintaining ideal weight is important for overall health and wellness. In 2012 American Medical Association declared Obesity as a disease. We encourage our patients to lose weight on their own. However, if you have tried and feel you could benefit from Medical Supervision, we are ready to partner with you in your weight loss journey.  Dr Mungekar has been a passionate advocate of maintaining healthy weight and has coached many patients in her practice to lose weight and keep it off with significant improvement in health. We are pleased to offer OPTIFAST program starting January 2014, which has been proven in Clinical Studies for over 20 years.

Finding out your BMI is the first step to assess weight loss journey ahead.

We offer two programs for Medically Supervised Weight Management.

CORE Healthy Lifestyle Program : 
Lose  20-30 lb in
Duration: 12 weeks . 
For BMI < 30
This program focuses on diet and lifestyle changes, with a rapid weight loss of 4-10 lbs in first week, followed by 1-2 lbs of weight loss facilitated by group classes focused on nutrition education and behavioral modification. Our own staff has gone through the program and several patients have witness great results in 2013.

OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Program:

Optifast WeightLoss
The typical OPTIFAST patient loses over 50 lbs in 18-24 weeks.
Designed for BMI > 30

OPTIFAST is a comprehensive weight management program that combines lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a meal replacement diet. 
  This program is also offered to candidates considering gastric bypass surgery.


Working together .. one patient at a time - with compassion and patience.

Free Medical Weight Loss Information Session

Get control of your weight. Get your life in control.

Making a serious commitment to decrease your weight and improve your health is an important decision you will make. We offer a complimentary no obligation information session because we want you to be aware of everything that our program has to offer and what you can expect if you enroll.