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May 2011

UV Damage Protection
May 2011

UV Damage Protection


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

# 1  : Most common Cancer in the US

2X  : Risk of Melanoma doubles if you have 5 or more sun-burns at any age

9X :  Survivors of Melanoma are nine times more likely than general population to get new melanoma

20%: Americans will develop Skin Cancer over their lifetime

65% :  Melanoma skin cancer cases attributed to UV exposure from Sun

74% : Increase in chance of Skin-cancer from indoor UV tanning

90% :  Non-melanoma skin cancers associated with UV exposure from Sun

2500 :  Deaths from skin cancer in US per year

2 million : People diagnosed with skin cancer annually

$1.5 billion : Non-melanoma skin cancer treatment cost in 2004

more details here

See Sun-Damage:

Not all signs of sun-damage (unlike wrinkles and discolored spots) are visible to the naked eye.
The damage by the sun, is often hidden under our the skin and can be revealed by photographs taken with UV sensitive camera - as shown by David H. McDaniel, M.D

This 37-year-old woman has subsurface sun damage, which is clearly visible
in the photo on the right.
(From Educational material provided by American Academy of Dermatology) More

Melanoma Slide Show @ Web MD

Take Action

Using a sun-screen as directed can be a good protection against sun-burn, wrinkles and cancer.
  • Stay out of Sun as far as possible from 10am to 4pm.
  • use a SPF 30 or higher sun-screen to protect yourself.
  • Wear protective clothing and a hat.
  • Summer activities like sun-bathing and snorkeling are fun, but be aware of the risks of sun-exposure and take necessary precautions.

Ouch.. got the skin-burn already ?

An article on Beat the Burn : Hour by Hour guide on what to do
Call your primary care doctor or dermatologist to get attention - but we hope you will not have to by taking common sense precautions to enjoy the summer.

Hope this article was helpful. Have a fun this summer..

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!

Dr. Swati Mungekar MD is the medical director of Orchid Cosmetic Medical and Wellness center. This blog will feature articles written by our staff to promote skin health.

Dr Mungekar is Board Certified Physician with certification in Dermal Fillers and Botox. 

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